Server and Storage Infrastructure virtualization and consolidation

Are you looking for a more effective way to scale existing IT infrastructure capabilities while simultaneously juggling proactive systems maintenance and dealing with unplanned downtime caused by systems outages? Virtualization is the foundation of a flexible and resilient IT infrastructure which significantly improves hardware utilization rates and empowers you to retain more of your capital budget by avoiding the purchase of unnecessary equipment. ATSolutions can help you design and implement a cost-effective infrastructure virtualization solution to improve service while reducing or eliminating unplanned downtime and mitigating risk.

Our services

On-Premise Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

To the Cloud or Not in the Cloud, that is the question! Struggling with choosing between Public Cloud (Off-Premises) and Private Cloud (On-Premises) deployment scenarios for your critical business applications? Why not leverage the best of both worlds with a Hybrid Cloud approach? The path to the Cloud is not linear or one size fits all. Expand the capabilities of your on-premises infrastructure and leverage remote cloud resources as needed. Put the Cloud to work for your business the way YOU want it to.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Is your business still supporting Windows XP clients with application dependencies that prevent upgrading or migrating to newer supported Operating Systems? Desktop Virtualization can address the challenge of supporting multiple generations of Windows operating systems spanning XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and now Windows 10. VDI solutions can provide your users with the flexibility and customization they desire for their workspaces to increase productivity while simultaneously bolstering data security, centralizing control, and making client computing costs predictable.

Performance Optimized Flash storage & Automated Storage Tiering options

Are you being challenged to “do more with less”? Let ATSolutions show you how to harness the performance of flash storage without needing to replace your existing enterprise SAN storage. Between flash as a data cache tier, hybrid flash “hot block” automated data tiering, and all flash custom NAND solutions, ATSoltuions has you covered. Don’t let guesswork break your budget buying more capacity than you actually need. We can even provide you with a written guarantee of up to five times more useable storage capacity combined with outstanding performance when implementing Real Time Data Compression on new Storwize, SVC or XIV platforms.

Systems Infrastructure Optimization and Utilization

Are you getting the most out of your existing network and strategic hardware infrastructure? Let ATsolutions identify target candidate workloads for optimization to improve business resilience and deliver enhanced performance across the enterprise.

High Availability, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Planning

In today’s always on economy does your business require 24x7 availability of applications? Accidents happen. Is your business well equipped to continue operations in the event of a catastrophic systems failure? Let ATSolutions help simplify the process with our Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions.

Managed Firewall Security Services

While you’re sleeping, who is securing your network from malicious actors looking to compromise your most valuable assets? Let ATSolutions’ Managed Firewall Service services help you sleep easy with 24x7 monitoring of your network with intrusion prevention & support services, anti-virus, anti-spam and web filtering including custom reporting to support PCI compliance.